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It's an irony, that at a time when business funding is vitally important for small and medium sized businesses, that business funding is extremely difficult to get. That's not the case at ClearFunder. ClearFunder offer loans between £10,000 and £100,000 on flexible terms, at competitive rates, for most reasons enabling your business to thrive and prosper.

Every Co' is unique with a distinctive customer base, business model and funding requirements. It therefore stands to reason that every Co' needs loan facilities that are consistent with how payments are received from its Customers. At ClearFunder, loans are provided quickly and efficiently, on easy to understand terms, that fit the Co's business model.

ClearFunder offers loans to a wide range of Co's across every industry and business sector. Regardless of what your Co' is set up to do, if you are looking for affordable and reliable finance we want to hear from you and hopefully we can help.

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  • Business loans up to £100,000
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